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During these lockdown times, when everyone is confined at home, it is a good time for all of us to upgrade our skills. I am a DevSecOps promoter and supported multiple organizations in implementing secure SDLC. I wanted to gain more depth in DevSecOps and was looking a good handon training. That's when I came across this training CDP - Certified DevSecOps Professional (

The course is beautifully designed to instill relevant concepts in the learner. The course has taken a practical approach to learning. Material is self-explanatory and the learner can take his own time to go through the videos and documents to learn at its own pace. There is a 30-day lab included which can be extended if required. Lab exercises can be practiced and if anywhere you are stuck trainer Imran ( himself helps you to get through the obstacles.

The course helps to learn to design CICD pipelines using GitLab. It also touches upon all the required tools like Docker, GitHub, Ansible, and more. After finishing the course material learner can create a working CICD with security tools. I enjoyed my time in CDP labs and got real hands-on experience with DevSecOps. Once you are confident you can book an exam date.

Exam is 12 hours long, initially, I thought it would be easy going through the material. Being a security guy himself Imran has design it very skillfully. It took me a little more than 11 hours to feel confident, that I have done a good job in the exam. After 12 hours of exam you have 24 hours to submit the report. I compiled all my answers in a report and sent it within 24 hours.

The next day morning I received confirmation that I have passed the exam, and I must say it is a hard-earned certificate.

Overall it was a very good experience to learn and face challenges in the exam. Anyone looking for a good handon training, CDP is a really good start. 


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